dolce vita 

"Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing".

- Steve Jobs -



Life is a canvas, and it's up to us to paint it with the colours of joy, love, and adventure.

Remember what it feels like walking into a Chanel boutique or dining in a 3-star Michelin restaurant? The anticipation of extraordinary experience, celebration of senses and world-class quality.  With a deep understanding of the significance behind your love story, we go above and beyond to create an unforgettable, luxury experience from start to finish. From the moment you contact us, we are dedicated to understanding your unique vision, preferences, and desires, and translating them into stunning visuals that tell your love story. Our commitment to excellence means that no detail is overlooked.
We take the time to listen to your ideas, offer guidance, and collaborate closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your photography is flawlessly executed. Whether it's suggesting the perfect locations for your photoshoot, assisting with timeline planning, or curating a personalised shot list, we are there every step of the way to make your experience seamless and stress-free.

— Khashif

“Working with Serenity Photography was an absolute pleasure! Anastasia made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free.”

Love letters from our clients:

— Larissa

“Anastasia will make you feel like absolute royalty and completely at ease.”

Love letters from our clients:

— Christy

“Thank you so much for your kindness and graciousness, and for being with me every step of the day. You made our day so magical!”

Love letters from our clients:

— Audrey

“Anastasia brought our dream vision to life in our wedding photos. And we couldn’t have done the wedding without her.”

Love letters from our clients:

inspired by your love story

our approach

Personal approach


Art Direction & Planning

We take time to understand your unique style, preferences, and story, allowing us to capture the intimate moments and details that truly reflect your personalities and create a lasting visual narrative of your special day.

Through art direction and planning, we masterfully balance capturing authentic moments and emotions while curating the perfect settings and atmosphere, allowing the essence of your wedding to shine through in every meticulously crafted image.

As expert storytellers, we skillfully weave together the emotions, interactions, and intricate details of your wedding day, capturing the essence of your love story in every frame, capturing editorial magazine-worthy images and unscripted moments in between. 

- Valentino Garavani -

"La Dolce Vita is not just a movie.
It's how I live my life." 

wHAT MAKES us different?

We pour our mastery and soul into your wedding day

And fully commit to serving you at the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Our aim is to go above and beyond, providing you with a personalised and luxurious experience that aligns perfectly with your unique vision and desires. We are passionate about creating an environment of trust, tranquility, and artistic creativity, allowing you to fully embrace the beauty of your wedding day while we capture the most cherished memories and fleeting moments with utmost care and dedication. 

Our commitment to exceptional service, 10+ years of experience photographing hundreds of weddings, attention to detail, and personalised approach sets us apart, and it is our profound privilege to become an integral part of your timeless love story.

why choose us?






We are firm believers that we are all connected, We live with a higher purpose - to give back to the world. Through our commitment to the planet we are a 100% net-zero business and support a few environmental and humanitarian causes through i=change. 

When you choose working with us, you help us make this world a better place for us All.

Our creative process is likened to the transformative journey of a butterfly. Just as a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, ready to take flight, we want you to feel the same sense of liberation and transformation. We strive to create an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable in your own skin and embrace the beauty of your uniqueness. Our goal is to provide a serene and enjoyable experience, where you can fully immerse yourself in the joy and excitement of your wedding day, knowing that we are here to capture every precious moment.
Through our creative process, we aim to guide you through the intricacies of wedding planning, offering support, inspiration, and a listening ear. We believe that every couple deserves to have their love story celebrated and documented in a way that reflects their true essence. Like a butterfly gracefully fluttering through the air, we want your wedding experience to be marked by beauty, elegance, and a sense of enchantment.
As you embark on this transformative journey, let us be your companion, capturing the delicate moments, the heartfelt emotions, and the cherished memories. Together, we will create a visual narrative that encapsulates the magic and significance of your wedding, symbolizing the extraordinary journey of a butterfly in flight.


our process

discovery call

engagement photoshoot

wedding day questionnaire

your wedding


gallery delivery

albums & prints

planning + consultations


custom proposal

It all starts with an idea. A dream. This initial consultation allows us to get to know you, your vision, and your unique photography needs. We'll discuss your wedding details, preferences, and see if we are a right fit for you. 

With your wedding day booked, we will enter the planning phase. We'll work closely with you to create a detailed timeline that ensures every important moment is captured. We'll discuss your preferred locations, special requests, and any specific shots you desire. We'll recommend you best vendors and will give styling and planning advice if you need. Our goal is to alleviate any stress and guide you through the planning process, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. We will be available for you as often as you need.

As part of our comprehensive approach, we highly recommend an engagement session. This allows us to connect further, build rapport, and understand your comfort in front of the camera. It's a wonderful opportunity for us to capture your love story in a relaxed and intimate setting.

As part of our meticulous approach, we will provide you with a pre-wedding day questionnaire. It allows us to gather essential details about your wedding, such as getting ready locations, important family members and friends, must-have photos, etc.
Additionally, our custom checklist will guide you through the planning process, reminding you of key details and considerations. From discussing the ceremony setup to confirming the desired group shots and special requests, we want to ensure that no important element is overlooked. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that all aspects of your photography needs have been taken into account..

The much-anticipated wedding day has arrived! You can trust your amazing team of highly professional creatives that will take care of your special day. It is time for you to relax and enjoy every moment

After your wedding day, we aim to send you a sneak peek gallery within a week and begin the post-production process. We carefully curate and edit the images, ensuring they reflect the unique essence of your celebration. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every photo is beautifully enhanced, creating a cohesive collection that truly represents the emotions and memories of your wedding day

Once the post-production process is complete, we will deliver your final images. Depending on our schedule you can expect full gallery to be ready within 12 weeks. You will receive a digital gallery where you can conveniently view, download, and share your photographs with your wedding guests. All images are in high resolution and watermark-free. Additionally, you will receive a heirloom gift with a usb.

After your wedding day has passed and the excitement of the celebration lingers, we shift our focus to preserving your cherished memories in tangible form. We offer exquisite albums and prints to beautifully showcase your wedding photographs. We will guide you through a journey of designing an album together and choosing wall-art for your home.

Once you have reviewed and accepted the custom proposal, it's time to secure your date! We will provide you with a photography contract to sign, and we kindly request a 50% retainer fee to officially book our services. This ensures that your date is reserved exclusively for you.

We don't believe in cookie-cutter approach and one size fits all packages. After the discovery call, we'll create a custom proposal tailored to your specific requirements. This proposal will outline our services, package options, and pricing details. We take pride in providing transparent and personalized proposals to ensure your photography experience aligns perfectly with your vision and budget.











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Love and Purpose are at the heart of everything we do. We can't wait to create a bespoke experience you will never forget.

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