How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Accessories: A Timeless Guide for Every Bride

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Your wedding day is a luminous chapter in the book of your love story, and Serenity Photography believes that every bride deserves to shine with confidence and grace. At Serenity Photography, we understand that choosing the right accessories is an intimate journey of self-discovery and sentimentality. We prepared a curated selection of the best wedding jewellery pieces, that are designed to embrace your individuality and elevate your bridal ensemble to new heights of timeless elegance. In this guide, we invite you to immerse yourself in the essence of Serenity Photography and find the perfect adornments that reflect your unique style.

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Embrace Your Comfort Zone – And Elevate It

When it comes to selecting wedding jewellery, it’s essential to stick to what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Building your wedding look on pieces you already adore and wear regularly will ensure you feel like your best self. As fashion designer Hartman advises, “If you never wear earrings, let’s not use your wedding day as the first time you bring out a statement earring.” Instead, take your favourite pieces and elevate them for your special day. Experiment with different styles of the jewellery you love, such as more formal versions of your go-to studs or layering glitzy bracelets of the same style.

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Craft Your Story – Matchless, Not Matching

Your engagement ring and wedding band are a reflection of your personal style. While they don’t have to match each other perfectly, it’s essential to be intentional with your choices. Consider mixing metals if it suits your taste, as fashion designer Hartman suggests, “If your engagement ring is platinum, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring gold into your wedding day look.” Prioritise the overall cohesiveness of your accessories over rigid conformity.

Sentimentality with a Modern Twist

Wedding jewellery provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate sentimental pieces into your look. Whether it’s “something borrowed” or an heirloom passed down to you, these pieces hold significant emotional value. To ensure they fit seamlessly with your ensemble, consider bringing them along while dress shopping. Moreover, if you have an heirloom piece that you’d like to modernise to suit your style, work with a jeweller to remodel it into something more in line with your preferences.

Prioritise Personal Style over Pinterest Trends

While trends may be alluring, it’s crucial to prioritize your personal style over fleeting fashion fads. Your wedding day is about expressing who you are and creating timeless memories, as Hartman advises, “It’s more important to make decisions based on personal style and sentimental reasons.” Be authentic to yourself, and your wedding photos will reflect the true essence of your personality and taste.

Understand that Mom Might Not Always Know Best

Different generations may have varying ideas of what constitutes the perfect wedding look. Fashion evolves, and today’s brides may have different preferences than previous generations. Embrace your own vision for your wedding day and don’t feel pressured to conform to others’ expectations.

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Match Your Necklace to Your Neckline

If you choose to wear a necklace, ensure it complements your dress’s neckline. Different necklines pair best with specific necklace styles, for instance, V-necks work well with pendants, while strapless and sweetheart necklines go better with chokers or statement necklaces. Always ensure the necklace sits on your skin rather than the dress, especially if there is exposed skin.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Up Your Metals

Ignore the rigid rules about matching specific metals to certain dress shades. Instead, trust your instincts and let your eye guide you. Mixing metals can create a striking and unique statement, such as pairing blush tones with platinum or white with true gold. As Hartman wisely puts it, “set aside the ‘rules’ and trust your eye to tell you what works.”

Let Your Veil Take the Spotlight

When choosing wedding accessories, remember to have a focal point. If you opt for a statement veil with elaborate details or embellishments, keep your jewelry more understated to let the veil shine. Strike a balance between your accessories, ensuring they complement, rather than compete with, one another.

Know You Can Always Switch Things Up

Your wedding jewelry for the ceremony doesn’t have to be the same for the reception. Feel free to change accessories to suit different moments of your special day. For instance, if you wear a statement veil during the ceremony, swap it for sparkling earrings for the reception. This approach allows you to enjoy a versatile and budget-friendly bridal look.

Wedding Jewellery Ideas & Inspiration

Here are some general approaches to inspire your wedding jewelry selection:

Currently Trending Wedding Jewellery: Many brides today focus on personalisation, creativity, and sustainability when choosing their wedding jewellery. Consider supporting local designers, remaking heirloom pieces, or incorporating unique elements like headbands or intentional hits of black.

Classic Wedding Jewelry: Timeless pieces like diamonds and pearls exude elegance and sophistication. Opt for high-quality studs or a diamond tennis bracelet that will remain forever chic.

Romantic Wedding Jewellery: For garden or vineyard weddings, choose jewellery with movement and floral elements. Look for etched metals with leaf or vine designs, accentuated by beautiful stones at the centre of flower buds.

Glam Wedding Jewellery: Embrace Old Hollywood charm with glamorous jewellery that sparkles, but remember not to overdo it. Pick one focal piece and let the others support it.

Boho Wedding Jewelry: The bohemian aesthetic allows for mixing metals and textured designs. Consider pieces with braided or woven patterns, and don’t shy away from organically-shaped gemstones like freshwater pearls.

Selecting the right accessories for your wedding day is a delightful journey of self-expression, sentimentality, and style. By considering your comfort, prioritising personal tastes over trends, and incorporating sentimental pieces, you’ll create a bridal look that is uniquely you. Whether you choose timeless classics, romantic elements, glamorous accents, or boho-chic styles, trust your instincts and let your personality shine through your jewellery choices. Remember, your wedding day is about celebrating your love story and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Let your bridal accessories add a touch of magic to this joyous occasion.

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