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Carrie L. Goldberg is a creative director, stylist, founder of CLG & former weddings & travel director of Harper's Bazaar US.
Based in new York City, she is a powerhouse when it comes to bridal styling and fashion. Throughout her career, Carrie has covered over 50 seasons of couture and bridal fashion collections and styled over 100 weddings. Prior to becoming Harper's Bazaar wedding & travel director in 2015, Carrie was the senior fashion editor at Martha Stewart weddings. 
Today Carrie is the creative behind CLG, helping the most stylish brides to become fashion icons. 

Demystifying the


"We don't consider "wedding styling" any differently than we do fashion styling on the whole. My background as well as everyone on the CLG team is in fashion and we approach weddings with that lens. Our services entail everything from curating shopping experiences to choosing the items in your wedding wardrobe as well as managing all alterations, accessories selections, and finishing touches—including consulting on hair and makeup for each look". 

benefits of hiring a bridal stylist

"The clients that benefit most from hiring a stylist for their wedding is really a vast range; from seasoned shoppers who are underwhelmed when they enter the bridal market to those who don't consider themselves very fashion-forward but want to dip their toe into high style for their wedding weekends, we really see it all. The thing that's fairly consistent in our client roster is a desire for uniqueness and individuality, as well as finding things that aren't going to be seen everywhere (i.e. all over Pinterest and Instagram). We specialise in finding those special, one-of-a-kind, or custom moments that feel true to the clients and will never be deemed overdone".

"We recommend you hire a stylist after you've chosen a date, a venue, and secured a wedding planner. While we may not get started right away depending on the lead time, or recommend that a bride do a bit of research or preliminary shopping on her own depending on how decisive a shopper she is, we prefer not to inherit a project that's at the halfway point. In short and in an ideal world: hire a stylist for your wedding before you purchase a wedding gown or any key fashion or accessories".

hire a stylist before you purchase a wedding gown


—  Diane von Furstenberg




You never know what may surprise you


Sometimes, the best accessory or finishing touch to a look is already in your closet.




Try not to be the client who hires any vendor just to disagree with them; at the end, we work for you and are therefore always working with a clients' best interest in mind.

Don't be afraid to push the envelope; a stylist will advise you when it's good to keep things classic and when there's a style risk worth taking.

Buyer's remorse is real! Don't shop too early or too late. Let your planner, stylist, and any other trusted vendor dictate the timeline of your workflow; let them be accountable for when you need to make key decisions by so that you avoid rush fees but don't miss out on the things that are soon to hit the market.


"The truth is: We do not have a cut-and-dry process. Each client experience is customised to the client and their shopping preferences as well as their schedules and availability. In my mind, being able to be nimble and work within a client's wants and needs all the while educating them about how the experience could be improved or edited for their convenience is the true measure of luxury service. 
But as a general blueprint, by the time a client signs on with CLG Creative, we have a sense of their style, their needs as well as their event schedule, family needs, etc. We immediately schedule a kickoff call with the team where we chat through next steps and our process in detail as well as get better sense of the client's style. Typically, a day or two of shopping in New York City or any city of the clients' choice follows, which we organize with a detailed itinerary, and prep for with each brand, showroom, etc. Throughout the shopping process, we may also set up remote fittings where we create a pop-up store out of everything we love in the market for them in their size. We find a mix of the two experiences usually allows us to land on the key looks for the wedding wardrobe before we move on to other ancillary looks, accessories, and other members in the party. We also work remotely as well via detailed click-to-buy presentations and Zoom calls for clients who are on the go and need a mix of in-person and remote work".

Do you only style brides or also grooms, bridal party, etc? 

 We don't limit our services to the bride; our personal styling offerings extend to key members of the bridal and groom's party, family, and any and all menswear. We are fashion and personal stylists at the core—we are there for whoever needs fashion help to ensure everyone is feeling fantastic and photo-ready.

What are you most excited about when styling a wedding?

We are big fashion treasure hunters; I love finding that impossible-to-find runway look from seasons past or an incredible vintage piece or a jaw-dropping, heirloom-quality piece of fine jewelry. I also love that our job allows us to work with so many talented designers! Creating custom gowns and especially getting to explore the world of Haute Couture with our clients who are looking for that experience is one of my all-time favorite parts of styling for weddings.

What do you do on the wedding day?

We are present at each wedding we style and are on hand to prep all the wardrobe, consult on hair and makeup, and work hand-in-hand with the planner, photographer, and videographer to ensure that the visuals for the wedding are styled as beautifully as the clothes themselves. 

hire a bridal stylist

From wedding photography perspective we can't stress enough the importance of hiring a bridal stylist. You put so much thought, effort and money into your big day, and it will be beneficial having a dedicated person that will make sure you look impeccable for each frame. We highly recommend hiring Carrie and her team.

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