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Micaela Erlanger is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist based in New York City. Her work has been seen on the biggest red carpets around the globe and in the pages of top fashion publications worldwide.
As one of the most sought-after Celebrity Stylists in the industry, Micaela’s diverse high-profile clients include Meryl Streep, Lupita Nyong’o, Amal Clooney, Amanda Hearst, Ana De Armas, Anya Taylor-Joy, Blake Lively, Candice Huffine, Catherine Zeta Jones, Chris Pratt, Christie Brinkley to name a few – all of whom are perennially on the best-dressed lists. Micaela is known for creating breakout fashion moments on a campaign trail with her ability to transform clients into style icons on the red carpet. In 2019, Micaela launched her Bridal Styling vertical focusing on styling and consulting to brides, bridal brands, and luxury hospitality groups.


Choose the dress that makes you feel like the best version of yourself


Completely confident and at ease is how you want to feel. You don’t want to be worried about wardrobe malfunctions. 

choose comfortable shoes

Let me tell you after weekend of celebrations your feet are going to ache so choose shoes you really can dance the night in. 

TRUST YOUR stylist

DON'T overdo it when it comes to glam

have fun and be present

We are there to give you unbiased unfiltered opinion, and trust me we have a trained eye and you’ve hired for a reason. 

Try and have fun during it all, that’s the most important process. This is your wedding and is a big commitment so have fun along the way. And be present!

You want to look like yourself in the photos and on the wedding day. I know there are a lot of makeup trends, a lot of contour we see these days. You really just want to look like an enhanced natural but beautiful version of yourself 

Demystifying the

WEDDING stylist

"A wedding stylist, in my case, is your visual storyteller for all things fashion and wardrobe. Not only am I helping to find your dress, know your outfits for the course of your celebration.
Im also acting like an art director when it comes to photography. It’s really important that we are able to anticipate the moments as they unfold naturally to capture them. So I work really closely with the photography team and with event planning team to make sure we get to capture those moments, because that’s what you are left with after the wedding and those memories are treasures. ". 

benefits of hiring a bridal stylist

"I think the biggest thing that would benefit a bride is the process. That in itself is a very special process. Finding your wedding dress, or creating your wedding dress should be an enjoyable celebratory moment, and it really is a stress reliever and also just a very special experience. And than on top of that I m there not only on your wedding day, I’m there through entire peeping process, like your trusted eye, your trusted guide, that person that you can count on. I’m there to ensure that everything goes smoothly from the wardrobe perspective, but also that your photos are fire, I’m able to work collaboratively with photography to make sure we get the shot and those moments are really captured, and I think that’s what matters".

"Hire a bridal stylist pretty much once you’ve hired your wedding planner. I would say we are there with key vendors. You really want to be thinking about planning, event design, styling, photography and video cohesively. That’s what I would recommend. And typically for fashion we need about 6 to 8 months lead time for ordering dresses, if we are going that route. Most of my clients we make things we work with haute couture and typically creating bespoke items. I can work on shorter lead time but you never want to be rushed".

hire a stylist with other key vendors

fashions fade, style is eternal.

—  Yves saint laurent


"From the moment a client contacts me, we will have a consultation call, I will get a sense of what they are looking for, what their needs are. I get a sense of the couple, make sure we are also a fit to work together, because it is such an intimate process and then from there I will create a proposal, once that proposal is signed off we get a contract, and then the process begins. We will either work to create a one-of-a-kind couture piece where we will work with the fashion brands and houses to request one-of-a kind sketches or we can shop for the new styles.

Do you only style brides or also grooms, bridal party, etc? 

What are you most excited about when styling a wedding?

 I am always most excited on the wedding day, being on site and getting to see it all come together with design, with the actual flow of the events, and all the magic that these different professionals bring to the table to create that incredible moment for a couple as they they celebrate their wedding. Getting to see it all come together is just magic. And of course getting to see all the photos at the end is just that icing on the cake. 

are you present on the wedding day? 

My services cover everything, I do styling of the bride, the groom, the bridal party, the mother of the bride. I offer mood board services. I literally can style anyone and everything. And my services are offered a la carte, so it’s kind of like build your own menu. It really is curated specifically for each client depending what their needs are. Typically I’m contracted just for the bride weekend services, I am on site overseeing styling. It seems like grooms have been requesting my services more frequently too. And also I get so many inquiries for mother of the bride. 

I can be hired for the onsite services, I strongly recommend this service. Typically it is Friday to Sunday timeline, whenever your celebration is happening for whatever days are needed I can be present
On the wedding day I’m making sure that everything is coordinated, I’m also making sure that tailoring team, which is separate from me (I’m not a seamstress), that everything is steamed and ready to go for the entire bridal party, for all bride and groom’s looks, for mother of the bride, anyone that is important person who is going to be photographed we ensure that those are ready. And I work with the photographer and event design team to make sure we get all the detail shots, we typically work a little bit ahead of schedule so that during downtime we are getting those shots out of the way. And I work with photography to art direct couples portraits, first look, so on and so forth, and I will make sure that you have the perfectly fluffed train before you walk down the aisle. 

hire micaela

You put so much thought, effort and money into your big day, and it will be beneficial having a dedicated person that will make sure you look impeccable for each frame.
We had an honour of knowing Micaela for a few years. Not only she is an incredibly talented stylist with a celebrity stamp of approval, she is also a beautiful and kind human, that will help you look like an Oscar-winning superstar.

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