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Imagine stepping into a fairytale world, where the rolling hills of Tuscany embrace you with their timeless beauty. Picture yourself exchanging vows under a sun-drenched sky, surrounded by centuries-old villas and vineyards that paint the landscape with their rustic charm. The fragrance of blooming lavender and olive groves fills the air, adding an enchanting touch to the atmosphere. As you wander through cobblestone streets, hand in hand with your beloved, the captivating architecture whispers tales of history and romance. Indulge in a sumptuous feast of delectable Tuscan cuisine, accompanied by the finest wines that this region is renowned for. 

Every detail has been meticulously curated, from the elegantly adorned tables adorned with cascading floral arrangements to the soft glow of candlelight that dances across your reception venue. The sweet melodies of live musicians serenade you, creating an ambiance of pure magic. Your destination wedding in Tuscany becomes a dream come true, an unforgettable journey that celebrates love amidst the breathtaking beauty of this idyllic Italian paradise.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Serenity Photography 
VENUE - Mont du Soleil
PLANNER - Serenity Photography
TABLE STYLIST - Event Merchant Co
FLORIST - Sassafras Flower Design
YELLOW & BLACK GOWNS - Millia London
BRIDAL GOWN - Berta Couture
BRIDAL SALON - Raffaelle Ciuca
CAKE - Ladybird Cakes
BEAUTY - Makeup by Sophie Knox
FURNITURE RENTAL - Always Eventive
INVITATIONS & MENUS - Papier Handmade
MENUS & SIGNES - Wedding Paper Chic
SHOES - Bella Belle Shoes
SHOE SALON - The White Collection
SILK - Silk & Willow
VIDEOGRAPHY - Directors Edge
FILM LAB - Photovision
VESPA HIRE - Vespa Melbourne
HEAD PIECE - Erin Rhyne
RINGS - Andria Barbone
LINGERIE - The Lace Atelier

Creative team

The bride, a vision of elegance, showcased three captivating ensembles throughout the day. The ceremony commenced with a jaw-dropping yellow tulle masterpiece from Millia London, stealing everyone's breath away. For the evening festivities, she adorned a chic black gown, also crafted by Millia London, ensuring that her dance-floor moments were as captivating as ever. Furthermore, she graced the lens in a timeless ivory fitted Berta dress, demonstrating that even traditional brides can incorporate unique autumn-inspired touches into their style. The celebration was further elevated with charming details such as a stylish yellow Vespa, radiant golden florals, and a petite cake adorned with autumn leaves, infusing warmth and character into the ambiance.

Event Merchant Co designed the exquisite tabletop display, drawing inspiration from the yellow couture tulle. The rich buttercup shade was gracefully echoed in the mustard velvet napkins and gold-edged Royal Doulton dinnerware, which adorned the tablescape. The textured linen tablecloths and bamboo cane chairs enhanced the organic feel of the setting, mirroring the natural elements of the landscape, such as the bare branches and the gentle hues of the fading autumn.

The floral arrangements, meticulously crafted by Sassafras Flower Design, were a testament to the soft glow of the late afternoon sun caressing a Tuscan-style courtyard. Luxurious roses, tulips, and hydrangeas took center stage, accompanied by foraged fruiting branches and edible fungi, adding muted gold and earthy brown tones. Ornamental potted foliages provided unexpected pops of texture and color, transforming this editorial into an autumnal feast for the eyes. It serves as a profound reminder of how bold color choices and drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings can result in an extraordinary and captivating event that leaves a lasting impression.
This editorial has been published in Wedding Sparrow

In the realm of Serenity Photography, where beauty is captured in its purest form, the idea of a yellow wedding dress may seem unconventional at first glance. However, the mesmerizing gown by Millia London showcased in this editorial erases any skepticism in an instant. Prepare to be enchanted as we transport you to the heart of the Dandenongs, Australia, where a Tuscan-inspired celebration unfolds at Mont du Soleil. We created this editorial with dreamers in mind: couples who dream of a destination wedding in Italy or engaged couples, that simply want to bring a Tuscan theme to their local wedding. 
For this Italian destination wedding inspiration we infused the essence of sunny Italy into the Australian landscape. Collaborating with her two of our favourite Melbourne wedding creatives, Sassafras Flower Design and Event Merchant Co, we set out to evoke the spirit of Tuscany in the serene surroundings of Victoria.

Love letter from Sassafras Flower Design: "I had the absolute pleasure to work with Anastasia at Serenity Photography for a luxury editorial shoot at a stunning local venue here in Melbourne. Anastasia is not only an incredibly talented, professional photographer with an expert eye, she is a true artist, putting so much work into telling the story, making sure every detail is one of quality, beauty and genuine luxury. Her dreamy, romantic style captured my florals so beautifully and it is a joy to work with her".

"photographer with an expert eye, she is a true artist, putting so much work into telling the story!"  

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