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Ultimate guide to choosing a perfect wedding dress 

Interview with team Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever


The Galia Lahav bride is a confident, independent woman who knows what she wants in all aspects of life. She is bold and not afraid to take risks. She is always classy and put together and is unapologetically glamorous. She values quality & attention to detail! 

Galia Lahav is one of the leading bridal couture houses synonymous with luxury, femininity and innovation.  Their emphasis on personalisation and customisation, alongside their uncompromising designs, is what continues to differentiate Galia Lahav from other designers.

the perfect

expert advice on choosing

bridal gown:

Choosing the perfect wedding gown involves considering your body shape, personal style, wedding theme, comfort, budget, venue, and time of year.

take your time to find the dress that makes you feel confident, beautiful, invincible and 100% yourself. 


Be open-minded, do what makes you comfortable, wear what you will be able to look back on and have 0 regrets.

It is inevitable to follow some sort of trend when you are choosing a gown as that will be on the market, however we are firm believers that you should always stay true to yourself. 

How to choose the right silhouette for you? 

How long before the wedding day do you recommend shopping for a dress?

We would say to TRY and be open minded. Most brides feel they have a dream wedding dress and then once they try on different silhouettes they realize something else might be more flattering than what they originally had in mind. Try on all of the different styles - you may be surprised by what you end up loving! 

We recommend 9-12 months before as it can be overwhelming to say YES to a dress. We take a minimum 6 months to produce a wedding gown so give yourself plenty of time. Of course there are rush orders, but since things tend to feel stressful closer to the wedding date you want to make sure you have time to say yes to the dress and get all of the perfect alterations done. 

"Anastasia's photography style is inherently luxurious, feminine, and dreamy — capturing the essence of our gowns in an iconic and editorial manner. Her work is a seamless blend of luxury and editorial flair, creating images that not only inspire but also elevate the beauty of our creations".

—  galia lahav

Tips on travelling with a gown to a destination wedding.

Tips on making a dress look the best on the day.

  May seem obvious but - a garment bag is a MUST. Also, only carry it on the plane! This way you can monitor the gown throughout the journey. And of course, steam the gown! Upon arrival hang up your gown right away and steam it to remove any/all creases. 

  We recommend getting your gown professionally steamed to ensure it is 100% wrinkle free. Wear the right undergarments - you can discuss these options with your consultant when going through the alterations process. Choose the right accessories, hair and makeup styles to enhance the beauty of the dress. 


Galia Lahav gowns unique.

If a bride has a dream - we make it come true. We allow brides to customize the dress of their dreams from start to finish! Our company is a leader in providing custom couture gowns through our innovative technology, which enables us to serve customers remotely without physical meetings. Our dedication to personalization and customization, combined with our commitment to producing unparalleled designs, sets us apart from other designers in the industry.
To create a custom Galia Lahav gown, the process typically starts with a consultation with one of their expert stylists and Head Designer, Sharon Sever. This consultation can take place in person or over video chat, depending on the client's location. During the consultation, Sharon will discuss the client's vision for the gown, taking into consideration their preferences for silhouette, fabric, embellishments, and color. Based on this discussion, the designer will create a sketch of the gown, which will be presented to the client for approval.
Once the sketch is approved, the client will be able to choose the fabric and color for their gown, and so the process begins. 
Overall, Galia Lahav's custom gown process involves a collaborative effort between the client, stylist, and designer to create a unique and personalized wedding gown that reflects the client's individual style and vision.

Sharon Sever: "My biggest inspiration has always come from the Opera, I am very inspired by the storylines, the actors & the incredible costume designs. Fun fact: I am also part of the council of the Israeli Opera.
One of my favourite Spanish operas, Carmen, inspired me for the Spring 2024 Collections. The intense passion, rich Spanish culture, love, and lust depicted in the opera inspired me to showcase these elements in my designs and evoke the same emotions in the brides who wear them.

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How to choose a wedding gown &

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Together with Sydney bridal salon Eternal Bridal we prepared the ultimate guide to buying a wedding gown.

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