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Kristi Grimm, has been a fashion and bridal makeup artist for over 15 years.
Her work has been published in various publications and magazines like Forbes USA, L'Official Brazil, Marie Claire Ukraine, Vogue Ukraine and others. Living between France and UK she is serving beautiful brides all over Europe.

How does background in fashion influence your bridal makeup?

How would you describe your makeup style?

Working on fashion shows and filming helps to make wedding makeup faster without losing quality, since behind the scenes of fashion there are always a lot of models that need to be prepared in a limited time.

Fresh, dewy glow , elegant , princess makeup.

What is your approach?

Would you recommend doing a makeup trial??

How long does bridal makeup usually take?

Is it true that spf really affects flashphotography?

Do you have experience with different skin tones and ethnicities?

What are your thoughts on fake tan?

First of all, to hear personal wishes for makeup, all girls are different and it is important to subtly understand the style that you like, then we look at the dress, there is often a change of braces and you need to understand there will be a single image for 2 outfits (sometimes more) or think over as one makeup will transform into another.

Absolutely. If not possible to do trial in person we do zoom call for discuss details. 

Usually 40 min to 1 hour

Yes, its is true! And I'll tell you more, not only the sun but the snow and the screen of our phones affects!

If the skin is properly prepped it's a good idea, it's important to have it done by the pros so that the coverage is even, but I also have cosmetics that I use before going out on the red carpet, I started using it while working at the Cannes Film Festival. If you opt for a fake tan, do it 2-3 days before the wedding

Yes, I have experience with different skin types, ages, POC and Asian brides.

Yes, in my professional suitcase you can find a lot of useful things, in the hot season, at the request of the bride, I use moisture-resistant cosmetics, in winter, in my cosmetic bag, you can find nourishing, caring face masks

La Mer, Poppy Cosmetics, Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Valmont. The Cinderella mask is always with me, so I'm just preparing the princess to meet her prince!

First of all, my important recommendations are a healthy sleep, drinking quality water every day, this will help not only your skin, but also the makeup artist at the time of preparing the makeup. do not do rough procedures with the face on the eve of the wedding day, you can prepare the skin the day before with the help of moisturising procedures, light gommage, we often discuss beauty care in online beauty consultations. I sometimes give my brides a relaxing sculpting massage that helps to tone the skin.

It is always important to protect hair using high-quality products, do not neglect protective agents before drying your hair. One of my favorite haircare brands is D’avinés.

Do you use different products depending on skin type and also weather ? 

What brands do you use? 

How do you prepare skin for the wedding day? When do you start? What products do you recommend? 

Any recommendations for haircare? 

Embrace your unique features and let them shine with high-performance makeup techniques that will leave you feeling confident and inspired.

—  Kristi Grimm

10 tips for perfect bridal makeup:

Choose a foundation according to your skin type


I am delighted with light bb creams

Be sure to always drink water

It is important that it is served in a glass.

Use lip balm

Nourish your skin

Light cleansing

Choose the right accents

Book a makeup trial

Use waterproof mascara

morning routine

Give your face, body and mind a bit of love

The comfort of the lips is very important at any time of the year.

When choosing an accent in makeup, follow your desires, but do not forget to highlight one thing better, eyes or lips.

I always recommend booking a makeup trial to try different things, so there is no stress on the big day.

There is rarely a wedding day without happy tears. Choose a waterproof mascara so your makeup stays perfect.

On the morning of your wedding, start the day with a facial massage to wake up and energise your skin. 

Book a massage, facial, meditate, treat yourself with things and activities you love.

Light cleansing of the skin of the face is always a plus for good makeup and breathable skin. I recommend Sisley thesis mask.

For maximum nourishment and moisture of the skin I recommend Biologique Recherche

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